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Heart Galaxy Culture -- Founded in 2016, Heart Galaxy (Beijing) Investment Management Co., LTD. Heart Galaxy Culture (Beijing) Co., Ltd is a professional film and television project investment platform under Heart Galaxy Investment Management, providing one-stop comprehensive services such as investment, incubation and operation for project initiators. Heart Galaxy Culture has a professional team of  project, distribution and IP incubation , becoming one of the most influential film and television project investment platforms in China.

Heart Galaxy Culture is a comprehensive enterprise integrating culture, media and entertainment , relying on senior investment institutions. We are committed to exploring and creating excellent investment projects in the transformation period of China's economy and elaborately designing excellent business models to contribute superior returns to investors. While operating films, TV dramas, concerts, live performances and avant-garde art, the company focuses more on the design and construction of cultural industry chain, and finally realizes the linkage and  industrial integration of media entertainment and real economy through capital support.

Make full use of the large enough space for the core business format, carry out the strategy of long-term holding and operation layout, and realize the core business format to drive the coordinated development of related industries. It is committed to integrating culture, film and television, finance, Internet, commerce and tourism resources to create a new film investment business model.






Heart Galaxy Culture -Its professional film and television production team and international production and marketing concept escort all the way for the movie content . At the same time, the successful cooperation with a large number of well-known China directors, producers and TVB actors has helped  Heart Galaxy Film to establish a huge network of directors, actors and stars, laying a foundation for creating top theatrical films and online films. Theatrical film and network film as an important entry point into the film and television projects investment, has formed a professional project investment and distribution team, to provide efficient investment services , at the same time provide distribution and IP hatch, set up a public investment business line and equipment operation team, and have good interaction with distribution teams, operations teams and video operators, investors .

Heart Galaxy Culture - Movies we involved in investment and distribution include :
Science fiction film  The Wandering Earth  starring Wu Jing , comedy film  Hello Mr Billionaire, Life In Flying, starring Shen Teng ,Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War, American action adventure film Megalodon, comedy-romance film See You Tomorrow, romance film  Doctor's Mind .

Network film : drama Capernaum ,made of Lebanon, France, the United States , action film  First of Legend, cartoons I am Ne Zha  played on Youku platform , adventure disaster film "Crocodile Island" played on  iQIYI platform and  so on .

Heart Galaxy culture - currently has the whole industrial chain business ability such as  investment, information, production, distribution, broker, performing arts and so on ,   four large systems include capital system, large information data system, film and television production with NEW TIMING system of dispersing pertains, Internet, and extensive cultural support platform system ..Provides including film and television news, video center, box office data and other three channels.

Heart Galaxy has massive film and television projects, to provide you more choices, lower price, more innovative personalized products and service.

The corporate culture of equality, sharing, innovation and happiness has been flowing in the blood of every staff  , holding  all Heart Galaxy staffs  together, contributing to the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise and promoting the continuous improvement of China's film and television industry.