Advancing of ZQ

Advancing of ZQ

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  • Film type: Cinema films
  • Investment status: In process
  • Recommendation index: 5 star
  • Subject matter: Comedy ,Action ,Fantasy
  • Release date: 2022-02-01
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    It is told that Zheng Qian who  runs away from home already before (Allen), return his hometown Ke Xiqike to attend grandfather's  funeral, discover accidentally however, the family are  able to trigger exceed ability once be together .Meanwhile, Qian Zheng encounters evil mayor Qiqikov ( Teng Shen ) who snatches his app . Qian Zheng was forced to unite with the super ability of the family to oppose Qiqikov together


    Yang Song

    Yang Song

    Teng Shen

    Teng Shen



    Hui Tao

    Hui Tao




    Yang Song/ Goodbye Mr. Loser(2015)Never Say Die(2017),Hello, Mrs. Money(2018)accumulative total box office 9.96 billion


    Allen/ Mr. Loser(2015),Hello Mr. Billionaire(2018),Never Say Die (2017) accumulative total box office 9,960,000,000.00 RMB

    Teng Shen/ Hi, Mom(2021),Hello Mr. Billionaire(2018) ,Pegasus(2019) accumulative total box office 22.78 billion

    Market Analysis

    The film Super Family is the most expensive and difficult film in the history of Mahua Funage, which can be said to be "unprecedented" in terms of the shooting period and scale.Director Yang Song led the crew to shoot in six different countries, with Russia accounting for nearly 50% and more than 1,700 special effects shots.This is a comprehensive upgrade of Mahua Funage in the production industry level, and the backstage team is star-lit.Film buildup Sheep Without a Shepherd, the director of photography, ying zhang, the manganese potassium Huang Mei qing" made the soul of the fine arts instruction, action guidance Wu Gang from Detective Chinatown , also specially invited visual-effects director Quan jiang , he participated in Ant-Man, lack Panther The Hunger Games", and many other Hollywood special-effects blockbusters, so many higher-ups will escort for this fantasy, adventure and comedy film .


    Similar Movies box office as below :


    2015 Goodbye Mr. Loser box office 1.45 billion


    2018 Hello Mr. Billionaire box office 2.54 billion


    2019 Pegasus box office 1.72 billion


    Bonus sharing method: Cinemas dividends

    Release Time : 2022-2-1

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    Production cost  
    Transfer ratio  
    Remaining share  
    Expected Box Office ¥4,800,000,000.00
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