Why invest in Chinese films and what are the advantages for foreign investors?

All the films listed on our website are mainly released in mainland China.Because our preferred films are also selected according to the Chinese market conditions, in line with the domestic film market ,post box office and domestic public taste.


The Chinese film market is in a period of rapid development.

Four reasons makes China film box office in large increasing yearly .

(1) China's large population .

(2) The fast increasing on people's average income makes it so easy to see a movie in cinema like a lunch .

(3) The state supports policy on the film industry vigorously.

(4) Under the severe situation of the global COVID-19, the Chinese market is unique and has been recovering to the former market.The film's box office is growing steadily.

See belows data , we can see a big development room for china film box office .

( Ignore 2020 because of the COVID-19, but this year the market has been restore )

Why invest in Chinese

Take a released movie as an example, if I invest 100,000 YUAN, how much profit can I get finally?

Generally speaking ,for a movie's box office, there are 35% to 39% left for producer , except the cinema  share and other fees, investors can get the The corresponding revenue according to the invest proportion.

For example ,HI ,Mom , the movie released on Feb 12, this year's Spring Festival. The production cost is 200 million ,the final box office is 5.41 billion , if you invest 100,000 RMB then you can get 947,100 at least finally .

Movie HI,Mom
Invest amount(RMB) Revenue (RMB)
100k ¥947,100
300k ¥2,841,300
500k ¥4,735,500
1000k ¥9,471,000
How do I know the final box office numbers and where do I get the numbers from?

There is one of the most authoritative real-time data update apps for movie box office ,called ManYan Movie ,www.maoyan.com, also can download an app in mobile . Then you can see the real-time box office of all movies .