Investment process

Step 1. Contact us and we know any interest of invest , then our team will do a background check to verify investor qualifications.

Step 2 .After passing the qualification review ,Choose the movies you want to invest in

This step seems simple, but in fact it is a test of the vision and analytical ability of investors.When we choose a film, we usually make a comprehensive judgment based on its subject matter, leading actors, director, screenwriter, schedule, producer's strength, publicity strength, cost and other elements.Among them, subject matter should conform to the policy, conform to the mainstream value,which is the most basic requirement .Remember, the choice of film, is not only to focus on one point to generalize,it needs rational judgment by synthesizing the pros and cons of. Our team will provide you with some reference according to the domestic film market and previous box office analysis。

Step 3. Understand project materials and contracts

What do we need to know about the project data?For example, the film project book of the project, the filing materials of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, the production team and cast, the qualification and strength of the distribution company and the production company.This is the security of our investment behavior, but also can help us to better choose the film.We must also carefully read the terms of the contract corresponding to the project.

Step 4. Determine the subscription amount

After the previous steps are completed, we can confirm the subscription amount according to our own financial strength.Subscribe share means that you want to subscribe for a number of shares, how much is the proportion.Here is an example of the popular film "Nezha". If you buy a profit right of about 50,000 RMB, based on the current sharing ratio of 3 billion yuan and the cost of 60 million RMB, the share of box office revenue will be about 1 million RMB, which is 20 times of the original.Submit film share, can concern income of your investment directly.

Step 5. Sign the contract

There are two ways to sign the contract: first, sign it face to face at the company; second, pay 10% deposit in advance to the company's corporate account, and the company will mail you the paper contract with the official seal. After completing the balance payment, the contract will be sent back to the company, and the contract will take effect.

 Next steps

After the movie is released, then wait for bonus - accounting lawyers calculated bonus and then send money to the bank card on the contract you left .After that, you can wait for the movie to be released and wait for the revenue to come in.During this period , if you want to care about the latest situation of the film, and to know the shooting progress, completion, box office after release and other information, you can always pay attention to it online, or download the film information APP to inquire.