A film that deeply reverts China’s fight against COVID-19 come out finally -Chinese Doctors ,will it be the summer box office champ?

The film Chinese Doctors,  a tribute to the centenary of the founding of the Party,is scheduled for release on July 8 this summer.

The panoramic restoration of the arduous struggle against the COVID-19, pays tribute to the most beautiful “rebel”  Created by the director of Chinese Captain and the original cast,  Chinese Captain  earned $2.9 billion at the box office, while Chinese Doctors is expected.

Chinese Doctors (nominated by Academician Zhong Nanshan)

National Propaganda Department ‬ led the shooting Supported by special state funds。


As a key project of the Propaganda Department of the CPC and the State Film Administration, the film "Chinese Doctors" has been supervised and highly recognized by the Propaganda Department of the CPC, the State Film Administration, the National Health Commission, the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Hubei Provincial Health Commission, and the Hubei Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
In order to restore this touching story, the main team entered Wuhan as soon as it was "unsealed" in early April 2020, where they communicated with hundreds of medical workers face to face and collected a large number of precious first-hand information.The heroic deeds of the vast number of medical workers shocked the creation team.


Yu Dong, chief producer of the film and chairman of Bona Film Group, said: "Wuhan is a city of heroes. We hope to pay tribute to this heroic city and China's anti-epidemic heroes with our true feelings and camera shots.The creators of Chinese Doctors will integrate the great anti-epidemic spirit of "life first, national unity, sacrifice one's life for the sake of death, respect for science, and share a common destiny" into the creation of the film and the shaping of the characters, and truly reproduce the great spirit of the vast number of medical workers in white armor, going out in reverse, sacrificing one's life for the sake of saving lives.To present a masterpiece that carries forward the Chinese spirit and condenses the Chinese strength for the general audience!"

The global outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 has affected everyone in the world.As the world's first superpower to effectively control the epidemic, China is also the most worthy of being remembered with a story.

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Post time: Jun-26-2021