Wonder Woman 1984 shows the true nature of human  and explores inner strength from  the story of growing up

Wonder Woman 1984 shows the true nature of human  and explores inner strength from  the story of growing up

Wonder Woman 1984 is in the hot release in domestic cinemas. Today, a word-of-mouth video was exposed by the film producer. This heart-wrenching and warm  delicate history of Wonder Woman’s growth is so immersive that people cannot get rid of it.The film avoids “facialized” expressions, vividly depicts Wonder Woman’s “divinity” and “humanity”, and makes the characters more real and powerful. As director Patty Jenkins says, “We can see ourselves in the characters and really understand and feel everyone in the story.”As Christmas is approaching, the warmth and affection conveyed by the film will also be a sincere gift to all the audience.


Wonder Woman Diana has always been a symbol of “God.” She is graceful, intelligent, powerful, loving and invincible.But in Wonder Woman 1984, Diana reveals a hidden side of herself — that she, like a human being, can suffer from loathsome feelings, and be torn between love and righteousness.This “imperfection” makes her more lovable instead. Gal Gadot once said in an interview: “Wonder Woman has her vulnerability, and just this   vulnerability that helps me make her more accessible and empathetic.” The movie’s official account, “There’s a Movie,” describes Wonder Woman as “both compassionate and warm.”There is also the fans frankly say, the film stripped the superhero omnipotent shell, showing wonder Woman as a “person” of the innermost feelings of emotion, is an absolute surprise and highlight.


In addition, the film also presents two villains, Barbara the Leopard woman and Max Lord, on multiple levels.The panther woman’s  transformation from a social “little transparency” to a top predator on a level with Wonder Woman  is fueled in large part by the contempt she once suffered, and the misshapen sense of accomplishment she felt when she made a wish that won her attention.Max Lord, the other villain, is also a tragic figure. He wants to win his son’s approval through status and wealth, but all his son needs is a hug from him.”Barbara and Lord are both human,” said Pedro PASCAL, who plays Lord. “In a superhero movie, we rarely use humans to represent the most powerful or the most evil. Both characters, good or bad, have a human element to them.”



Directed by Patti Jenkins, “Wonder Woman 1984″ stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Pedro PASCAL and others, and is currently playing in theaters nationwide.

Post time: Jan-11-2021