On Your Mark

On Your Mark

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  • Film type: Cinema films
  • Investment status: Finished
  • Attention index: 5 star
  • Subject matter: Comedy, drama
  • Release date: 2021-6-18
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    A young guy ,  Erdong Xiao  (YuHao Zhang ),  has congenital disease but with a "marathon dream"  , a stubborn taxi driver father , Daming Xiao ( Yanhui Wang) that force his son to preview "blind ,   the father and the son ,do not understand each other , but in a marathon "identity exchange", stand side by side at the starting line....The film tells a story of living with love to the sun, by  a father and son in a single parent family who have different attitudes towards "fate".


    Keng Guan Chiu

    Keng Guan Chiu

    Yanhui Wang

    Yanhui Wang

    Youhao Zhang

    Youhao Zhang

    Beibi Gong

    Beibi Gong


    Keng Guan Chiu


    Yanhui Wang/Dying To Survive(2018),A Cool Fish(2018)  accumulative total box office 13.2 billion

    Youhao Zhang/ accumulative total box office  3.57 billion

    Beibi Gong/accumulative total box office 7.55 billion

    Box office statics of the similar movies


    2021  Hi, Mom         box office 5.41 billion                    2021  Sister          box office 860 million

    Schedule advantage

    Set to be released on June 18, 2021, Father's Day, the film focuses on the relationship between father and son in a single-parent family, and presents a series of funny and touching emotional interpretation

    Subject advantage

    Since the Spring Festival this year,Hi, Mom, and Sister have won the box office awards

    Production and distribution

    The film is produced and distributed by Maoyan Pictures, which has become the leading enterprise in the domestic film and television industry.


    Bonus sharing method: Cinemas dividends

    Release Time: 2021-6-18

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