Warm Hug

Warm Hug

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  • Film type: Cinema films
  • Investment status: Finish
  • Recommendation index: 5 star
  • Subject matter: Comedy
  • Filming schedule: 2020-12-31
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    Bao Bao has  unusual obsession on cleaning and plans  , who  thought that he is an insulator of friendship and  love, but once meet  Wen Nuan Song  , a warm personality frankness girl ,  doctor "nerve" Jia  and hypocrisy Wei ren Wang , it staged a crazy comedy story...


    Yuan Chang

    Yuan Chang

    Qin Li

    Qin Li

    Teng Shen

    Teng Shen

    Shan Qiao

    Shan Qiao


    Yuan Chang (1981-09-25) Mahua Funage signed actor/Goodbye Mr. Loser,Hello Mr. Billionaire,Never Say Die


    Qin Li (1990-09-27)Chinese mainland film and television actress/ Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace,Never Gone,Jade Dynasty

    Teng shen (1979-10-23) Member of Mahua Funage Team/Goodbye Mr. Loser,Hello Mr. Billionaire,Pegasus, accumulative total box office 17.054 billion

    Shan Qiao (1984-06-28 ) /City of Rock,Kill Mobile, A Hero or Notaccumulative total box office 5.64 billion

    Market Analysis

    Shen Teng and Chang Yuan, following Goodbye Mr. Loser in 2015 and Shy in 2017, worked together again after a three-year break

    Chang Yuan + Shen Teng, "The Richest Man in Xihong City" positive energy scholars and Wang Duoyu collaborated again

    Beauty Li Qin first collision , surprise is worth looking forward to

    Mahua FunAge type comedy in the first work that makes people laugh and cry

    Chang Yuan's directorial debut is about comedy's inner sadness

    Urbanites move forward under the pressure of life

    We all have moments of loss and marginalization. Love allows us to shine a light on each other and not be alone.


    2015 Goodbye Mr. Loser(1445 million)


    2017 Never Say Die(2214 million)


    2018 Hello Mr Billionaire(2548 million)


    Bonus sharing method: Cinemas dividends

    Release Time: 2020-12-31

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